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Welcome to Healing Care Canada

"This ministry exists to empower Christians for the journey, equip Caregivers to help those in need and position the broken for healing encounters in Christ"

— Terry Wardle

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messages from the executive director

We have been approved as a Charity within Canada which means that Healing Care Canada can begin to receive donations and give you a tax receipt for those donations. We have been working towards this goal for a few years and now sense that we truly are at the beginning of reaching Canada and beyond with the good news that Jesus can bring healing to all parts of our lives, including our past AND that He uses wounded healers to bring that healing to others.

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Self-Guided Formational Prayer Seminar

The Formational Prayer Seminar is the foundational seminar of Healing Care Canada. By attending this Seminar you will learn much about yourself, others and God’s incredible gentle healing love. You will learn how to be a safe person for others. You will learn about the brain and trauma, empathic caregiving, creating safe spaces, spiritual warfare, emotions and MUCH MORE. You will learn protocols that will help you connect deeper to Jesus and to others. You will learn the importance of safe community and how necessary community is to our overall healing journey. And, you will learn that we are ALL (yes ALL) on a healing journey!

With your registration you will have access to the teachings for a month. You can work at your own pace within that month. You will need several hours to sit and listen, with your listening Guide (also available to you) and to allow the Spirit to lead you and teach you.


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